A Culinary Journey at Phra Nakhon, Capella Bangkok


Located on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok’s historic Charoenkrung district, Capella Bangkok stands as an embodiment of luxury and elegance. Within this opulent retreat lies Phra Nakhon, a riverside restaurant that not only champions the intricate flavours of Thai cuisine but also places a strong emphasis on sustainability and the use of locally sourced produce. Chef Kannika Jitsangworn, the culinary mastermind behind Phra Nakhon, brings a conscious approach to Thai dining, creating a culinary experience that is not only delicious but environmentally responsible. Read our own review.

A Taste of Tradition: Authentic Thai Cuisine

Looking for one of the best Thai fine dining experiences in Bangkok? We have found it! Phra Nakhon in the stunning Capella Bangkok (one of the best luxury hotels in Bangkok) takes you on a gastronomic journey through Thailand’s culinary heritage while drawing inspiration from indigenous communities across the Kingdom.

Led by mastermind Chef Kannika Jitsangworn who started her journey in 2002 and has been cooking Thai cuisine for luxury properties all around the world including, Aman Resorts in Indonesia, Turkey, and Bhutan, as well as The Datai in Langkawi and Como Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos Islands, the kitchen is in extremely safe hands!

What sets Phra Nakhon apart from others is its commitment to showcasing the very best of Thailand’s rich bounty combined with sustainability. Fresh, local ingredients take centre stage on the menu, with Chef Kannika personally selecting the finest produce and meticulously preparing dishes based on heirloom recipes ensuring an authentic and unforgettable dining experience.

While the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability is evident right in the hotel, where a variety of aromatic herbs and spices are grown in The Greenhouse, Capella Bangkok’s garden ensures that guests savour the freshest flavours without leaving a significant carbon footprint.

Phra Nakhon has also partnered with Ori9in, an organic farm located north of Chiang Mai, to source fruits and vegetables that are not readily available in Bangkok’s climate. This collaboration reflects Chef Kannika’s dedication to providing her guests with the best ingredients while supporting local farmers who practice sustainable agriculture free from harmful chemicals as well as supporting free trade between local farmers.

Indulgence on the Riverside

Phra Nakhon is housed across a contemporary sun-washed conservatory and riverside terrace, which is open for both lunch and dinner. Guests can choose from à la carte options or opt for the ‘Long Chim’ menus during lunch, which offer sharing-style dishes, or the ‘Sam Rub’ dinners that highlight Chef Kannika’s specialities.

Food and Drink

Guests have the option to choose between a Sam Rub Set or Chiva (vegan) tasting menu, as well as an a la carte menu. There was a real buzz in the dining room when we visited, it was a drizzly rainy season evening so we dined outside and it was quite beautiful seeing and hearing the rain pitter-patter down the conservatory windows. We chose the Samn Rum Set – which is perfect because it gives you small tastes of many of the dishes and really showcases the talents of the kitchen.


  • Pla Pu Gub Khao Green Pla  Crab meat salad with fish crackers, kaffir lime leaves, chillis and herbs.
  • Yum Som O Pla Fu – Crispy fried white snapper floss, with seasonal pomelo, kaffir lime leaves, dressing, cashew nuts and betel leaves.
  • Gong Tod Khao Mao – Deep fried white prawn wrapped with rice flakes and chilli sauce.
  • Yum Hua Plee Gai – Poached shredded free-range chicken and banana blossom salad, dried shrimp, chilli paste, soft-boiled egg and spicy coconut dressing.


  • Tom Yum Goong Nam Sao Khao – Traditional hot and sour soup of jasmine rice stock with river prawn and mushroom
  • Gaeng Kee Lek Gam Hua Toom – The Chin-style braised beef cheek in cassia leaves curry, coconut cream, salted mackerel and crispy hot dried chilli
  • Pla Ob Tea Kari – Rattanakosin old-school fish served with herbs and spicy lemongrass dressing
  • Moo Grob Pad Prik Glua – Wok fried roasted kurobuta pork belly with mixed hot chills and herbs
  • Pad Pak Kanar Paguay Hed Hom – Wok fried Chinese kale, ginko nuts and shiitake mushrooms


  • Seasonal Fruit
  • Khao Naw Mamueng I Tim Gati – Seaonal mango with warm coconut sticky rice, coconut ice cream, and roasted mung beans

Final Thoughts

Phra Nakhon at Capella Bangkok beautifully combines authentic Thai cuisine with a strong commitment to sustainability, creating a dining experience that not only tantalises your taste buds but also nourishes the soul and supports local communities whilst celebrating Thailand’s heritage. We only have two words to describe it “Aroy Mak”.


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