A culinary journey through Korean delights: Connecting taste buds and hearts


Step into Itaewon in Seoul, South Korea, and unlock the doors to a secret worth discovering.

Behind a huge brush lies a gateway to a world of delectable Korean food beyond the renowned Samgyupsal: Enter the realm of Korean Fried Chicken!

It’s not just Koreans who are enchanted by Korean chicken now. Notably devoured by protagonists in our favorite Korean dramas like “Crash Landing on You” and “My Love from the Star,” Filipino K-Drama fans are now indulging in K-Fried Chicken as well.

Sang Pil Lee, from KYOCHON F&B, shared, “We believe that the Chicken became more appealing to the public because it’s not just the menu but because it is included in the content it is together with stories of the contents that people are watching.”

Unveiling the secrets of Korean Fried Chicken, I discovered firsthand the meticulous process behind its preparation at KYOCHON F&B in Itaewon.

From crafting the perfect batter to the precise basting technique—here in South Korea, the art of cooking chicken is elevated to a whole new level.

The Korean Fried Chicken, a favorite pairing with beer among Koreans, has also captured the palates of many Filipinos, including myself.

Naturally, a satisfying main dish calls for a delightful dessert!

At the Korean Food Cultural Space in Seoul, I was taught by culinary experts how to prepare traditional Korean desserts like Gotgamdanji, a stuffed dried persimmon. A simple yet healthful recipe filled with Jujube, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, Yuja syrup, and honey, wrapped in the tender persimmon—this creation is a burst of flavors and benefits.

After mastering the art of Korean desserts, dinner awaits by the famous Han River park, a popular spot for evening picnics among locals. With newfound friends in Seoul, we relish in another favorite of K-Drama actors, Korean noodles known as Jajangmyeon, alongside steaming Ramyun noodles while enjoying the Rainbow Fountain Show at Banpo Bridge.

Capturing the essence of Korean cuisine and culture, the scenes around Banpo Bridge and the Han River trigger memories of beloved K-Dramas like “Hotel Del Luna” and “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” The Rainbow Fountain, accompanied by chilly winds and soothing music, sets a magical backdrop reminiscent of a K-Drama moment, even for real-life couples basking in the atmosphere at the Han River.

Besides the delicious flavors, one instant connection Filipinos have with Korean food is the joy of sharing it with loved ones. Da-ae Kim, an instructor at Hansik Space Eeum, emphasizes, “That’s like a great way to have a bonding time together with family and friends also have a little bit of drink and have a good time.”

Indeed, Korean Food has connected not just to the taste buds of many, but to the hearts of the people, including Filipinos.

— LA, GMA Integrated News


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