Breaking Down the Dining Options Aboard Rotterdam


Holland America Line’s Rotterdam offers a variety of dining options for guests to enjoy. From complimentary dining venues to specialty restaurants, there are plenty of choices to satisfy any craving while on board.

Complimentary dining options on Rotterdam include the Main Dining Room, where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in an elegant setting. The menu features a variety of dishes, including seafood, steak, pasta, and vegetarian options. Guests can also indulge in a special Gala Night dinner featuring gourmet dishes and decadent desserts.

For a more casual dining experience, guests can visit the Lido Market. This buffet-style restaurant offers a wide selection of international cuisine, including made-to-order stir-fry, pasta, and sandwich stations. The Lido Market also features themed nights, such as Italian or Asian cuisine, for added variety.

NY Pizza on Holland America Line is a popular spot for a quick and tasty slice reminiscent of the bustling streets of NYC. Whether indulging in a classic pepperoni, a hearty meat lover’s, or a fresh veggie option, guests can enjoy a taste of the Big Apple right on board the ship.

At Dive In, guests are treated to a culinary experience that elevates classic comfort foods to gourmet status. Indulge in juicy, handcrafted burgers made with premium cuts of meat and topped with a mouthwatering array of toppings, from crispy bacon to tangy BBQ sauce.

At Tamarind on Holland America Line, guests are treated to a dining experience that transcends mere sustenance. The refined and elegant ambiance sets the stage for an unforgettable culinary journey. 

In addition to the complimentary dining options, Rotterdam also boasts a selection of exclusive specialty restaurants. These intimate and upscale dining venues are perfect for guests seeking a more refined culinary experience. Canaletto, drawing inspiration from the rich cuisine of Italy, offers a menu of freshly prepared pasta dishes, seafood, and desserts. The Pinnacle Grill, a haven for steak enthusiasts, features premium cuts of meat and seafood in a sophisticated setting.

Guests looking to taste France can dine at Rudi’s Sel de Mer, a seafood brasserie created by Michelin-starred chef Rudi Sodamin. The menu includes fresh oysters, lobster, and bouillabaisse, and French wines complement each dish.

The Rijstaffel pop-up event on Holland America Line features a variety of Indonesian dishes curated by talented chefs, providing diners with an authentic culinary experience. This immersive dining experience showcases the rich, complex flavors of Indonesian cuisine, offering guests a taste of traditional recipes and the vibrant food culture of Indonesia.

At the exclusive pop-up restaurant De Librije on Holland America Line, guests can enjoy upscale cuisine curated by the Michelin-starred culinary team of De Librije in the Netherlands. The expert chefs bring their expertise to create visually stunning dishes bursting with flavors and textures. The dining experience at De Librije offers a luxurious and unforgettable culinary adventure with premium ingredients and impeccable service. Guests will be impressed by the creativity and exceptional quality of the dishes, making it a highlight of their culinary journey on Holland America Line.

Holland America Line’s Rotterdam offers diverse dining options for guests during their cruise. Whether guests prefer casual buffet-style meals or upscale specialty restaurants, there is something for everyone to savor while onboard the ship.


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