Cameron Mathison Reveals Comical Cross-Country Adventure

Cameron Mathison Adventure


Cameron Mathison embraces a road adventure.

Mathison Hallmark star Cameron Mathison recently had a big job he needed done. Despite initially making a plan for others to take care of it from start to finish, those plans fell through. Instead, Mathison decided to do it himself and he took fans along for the ride.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cameron Mathison Drove a New Sofa From Nevada to Colorado


Mathison’s adventure began on February 26, and he documented it from start to finish via his Instagram Stories. “Here we goooooo,” he began.

The Hallmark star filmed as he walked. He had a fair amount of scruff on his face and was dressed casually in a hoodie.

He explained, “I don’t normally do this, but I thought I might document this interesting journey that I’ve got myself on here.” Mathison continued, “I’m in the Burbank airport, I’m on my way to fly to Las Vegas, and in Las Vegas, I’m gonna rent a UHaul.”

Luckily, Mathison didn’t leave fans hanging for too long before explaining further. He shared, “Then I’m gonna drive to another part of Las Vegas, then I’m gonna load up a sofa in the UHaul, and then I’m gonna drive that sofa for 10 hours to our place in Colorado.”

The actor quipped, “I’m not exactly sure how this whole schedule came, well I am sure how it came to be because I booked it, but I’m not really sure the logic in me deciding to do this, it’d better be a very comfortable sofa.”

A while later, Mathison started a new Instagram Story. He was at the UHaul lot in Las Vegas, Nevada, ready for “Step One.” He pointed at one of the rental trucks and noted, “That is gonna take me all the way to Vail Valley in Colorado. But first! I’ve gotta pick up a sofa.”

Mathison filmed as he loaded sofa sectional pieces into the UHaul. Later, he joked that he also had “the most important piece of cargo” in the truck with the sofa: his skis.

Mathison Arrived Just Ahead of a Blizzard in Colorado

When Mathison returned with new Instagram Stories as he drove, he was still in Nevada. However, he acknowledged his followers had a lot of questions for him. Since he had some time, he figured he would share the background.

“I’m getting a lot of questions on Instagram as to why in the world I would do this, and not, like, just have it shipped to my house in Colorado or whatever,” Mathison noted.

The Hallmark star continued, “And the truth is, that was the plan.”

He explained that he spent a lot of time looking for just the right sofa for the family’s home in Colorado. He had his dad at the house, measuring the space, and Mathison purchased the sofa.

Mathison thought he had a plan in place to have the sofa delivered to the family’s Vail Valley, Colorado home. “Then sorta last minute they told me they wouldn’t” deliver it.

The sofa was shipped to Las Vegas. Mathison took it upon himself to fly out there and get the sofa to the home himself.

A slight complication arose when Mathison arrived to pick up the sofa. “I get there and they tell me that there’s no delivery or pickups on Mondays after I just flew to Las Vegas, booked the whole thing online.”

Luckily, they let Mathison take the sectional. However, he had to load it all on his own. “So far, so good,” he said at the end of his update, joking he “only” had “About 8 1/2 hours left in my drive!”

Then, Mathison shared several Instagram Stories highlighting the gorgeous scenery he encountered throughout his drive. On February 27, he revealed he had finally arrived at his house. It was snowing heavily as he stood outside and filmed.

“I’m in Colorado, I just beat this blizzard, it’s coming down, it’s blowing right now,” the actor shared. He added, “Gonna be a little tricky to get the sofa out of the UHaul into the house.”

The Hallmark star decided to take a break and have some coffee before tackling the snow. He later added an Instagram Story showing him shoveling piles of snow. Unfortunately, he didn’t take fans along on the unloading process.

On March 2, Mathison returned to his Instagram Stories with a sofa update. “For those of you who were part of my big adventure of getting this 9-piece sectional in a UHaul, driving from Las Vegas to Colorado, we made it.” He showed off the new sofa and noted it provided “tons of seating.”

As he wrapped up his cross-country sofa delivery story, Mathison admitted, “I don’t know where we’re gonna put the Christmas tree.” He quipped, “But we’ll figure that out at Christmas.”


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