How To Start An Expedition And Travel To The Pitt


For the first time, Fallout 76 players were allowed to leave Appalachia for dangerous adventures in the Expeditions update. This allows you to head to The Pitt and explore new smaller worlds unlike what you have already seen in Appalachia.


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The Fallout 76 Expeditions have been a thing for a while, but if you want to start your very first Expedition, there are some requirements that you need to meet. Going on an Expedition will need a ticket of its own, and here, you will learn how to earn that special ticket.

Updated by Mehrdad Khayyat on April 21, 2024: We added a few more details on launching a new expedition after charging the battery.

Fallout 76

November 14, 2018

How To Start An Expedition

Fallout 76 The Pitt screenshot

If you want to start and lead your own Expedition, you need to fully charge Vertibird’s Ultracite battery cell. This acts like a ticket to entering The Pitt. However, if you join someone else’s Expedition, you won’t need to charge it as you will consume the leader’s battery charge. So, if you want to join a friend’s Expedition, you can skip the following part of the guide and jump to where we explain about The Pitt.

How to Fully Charge Ultracite Battery Cell in Vertibird

Fallout 76 How To Start An Expedition

Now that you want to start your own Expedition, you need to meet the Responders at their new location in Appalachia. You can find Responders in the main building of Whitespring Resort. There are some new characters inside the building that you can speak with to learn more about the Responders.

In order to fully charge the battery, you need to complete at least three daily quests for Responders. Below, you can have a quick look at these quests.

  • Mutual Aid Quest:
    • This quest requires you to deliver some resources like Wood to Sophie Wagoner.
  • Recipe For Success:
    • In this quest you should help Esme Roussaeu to prepare a meal. You will need to find some ingredients from the kitchen store and prepare them for the meal. Also, you should oftenly stir the stew to avoid it from burning. Deliver the meal to the Raider representative or Settler representative.
  • Code Blue:
    • You need to talk to Rucker in the Responders’ building to begin the quest. You will be sent on a mission to collect some medical instructions which randomly spawn in various parts of the map each time. Deliver all instructions to Responder Medic in Refuge to complete the quest.
  • A Refugee’s Guide:
    • Talk to Skippy Roerich, who will send you on a mission to create a guide for refugees to stay alive in the dangerous wilderness of Appalachia. You will be tasked to talk to a few people and take some photographs from certain locations and characters. Once you deliver the photographs to Roerich, the mission will be complete.

Keep in mind that completing only three of the four quests above is enough to earn the Ultra Cell. Also, the first two quests are available every day in the game, and each one charges the Ultracite Battery up to 25%, with the third and fourth quests each charging up to 50%. You can’t overcharge the battery.

How to Travel to The Pitt

Fallout 76 Expeditions teaser

Once you complete the daily quests, open the map and look for a new Expeditions icon at the top. It’s basically a Vertibird icon. Hovering the cursor over it will show you the status of the Ultracite Battery. Leading a new Expedition will completely use a fully charged battery.

Using the map, you can either start a new Expedition or resume an already existing one. Once you enter The Pitt, there will be checkpoints in certain areas as you progress through the mission. These checkpoints will allow you to leave The Pitt whenever you want and then return and continue the Expedition from where you left off. This will allow you to take your time in The Pitt and explore the area freely.


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