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Haitian excellence shines brightly as Carla Beauvais, co-founder of the Dynastie Foundation, receives the prestigious medal from the National Assembly of Quebec for her exceptional contributions to community empowerment and inclusivity. Meanwhile, Vanessa Cantave’s culinary journey from Washington, D.C., to DUMBO, Brooklyn, showcases her passion and talent as the co-founder and executive chef of Yum Yum Catering and Events.

Haitian-Canadian Activist Carla Beauvais Honored by Quebec National Assembly

Carla Beauvais, co-founder and general director of the Dynastie Foundation, received the prestigious medal from the National Assembly of Quebec earlier this month. 

Marwah Rizqy, MP for the provincial constituency of Saint-Laurent, presented the medal to Beauvais under the banner of the Liberal Party. This significant award recognizes individuals or organizations that have demonstrated exemplary actions beneficial to the community in cultural, sporting, social, or entrepreneurial domains. It marks the first provincial recognition for Beauvais, underscoring the breadth and depth of her achievements.

With over two decades of experience as a social entrepreneur, activist, and columnist, Beauvais has established herself as a prominent figure in the field. Raised in the Saint-Michel district of Quebec as a Haitian origin Quebecer, she recognized social disparities and inequalities from a young age. This awareness fueled her commitment to championing equality and recognition for Afro-descendants, a cause she has championed throughout her education and career.

Marwah Rizqy praised Beauvais for her unwavering dedication to fostering inclusivity and equality in Montreal’s business and cultural spheres, as well as in positions of power. Beauvais played a pivotal role in organizing Black History Month from 2009 to 2022, elevating the socio-cultural landscape of Montreal and engaging major private and government stakeholders. Additionally, as co-founder of the Dynastie Foundation in 2016, Beauvais has been instrumental in supporting individuals from Black communities working in media, arts, and culture.

“I am deeply moved by this recognition which highlights my involvement and my achievements in my community. Throughout my journey, I have been accompanied by mentors, leaders, colleagues, partners, friends, and family who believed in me and my dreams, “ Beauvais said, expressing gratitude for the recognition of her community involvement and achievements. 

Vanessa Cantave: A Culinary Journey from D.C. to DUMBO 

Vanessa Cantave, a Haitian-American chef, has carved her path in the culinary world as the co-founder and executive chef of Yum Yum Catering and Events in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Born in 1977 in Washington, D.C., Cantave’s early years were marked by her family’s military background, leading to frequent relocations. From Belgium, to various locations across the U.S., including Arizona, suburban Chicago, and northern Virginia, Cantave’s upbringing was a tapestry of diverse experiences.

After graduating with a B.A. in political science and a minor in French from James Madison University in 1999, Cantave delved into the corporate world, gaining experience in banking, marketing, and advertising. However, her passion for food eventually beckoned her to pursue a different path.

In 2005, Cantave’s culinary journey took a pivotal turn when she attended an open house for the French Culinary Institute (FCI) in New York City. Enchanted by the culinary arts, she made the courageous decision to leave her corporate job behind and follow her heart.

During her time at FCI, Cantave interned at Daniel restaurant in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, honing her skills under the mentorship of renowned French chef Daniel Boulud. Graduating as the valedictorian of her class, Cantave embarked on a new chapter as a private chef in New York City.

Shortly thereafter, Cantave co-founded Yum Yum Chefs, Inc., which later evolved into Yum Yum Catering and Events. Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of DUMBO, Brooklyn, Yum Yum offers a blend of culinary excellence and creativity, catering to both private clients and corporations, and offering themed cooking classes.

Cantave’s culinary talent garnered widespread acclaim when she emerged victorious on the Bravo reality cooking competition Rocco’s Dinner Party in 2011. Her appearances on television programs like NBC’s The Today Show have further solidified her status as a culinary trailblazer.

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