The yacht will operate on two seven-night routes in the east and west of the iconic archipelago.

Galapagos Explorer

AndBeyond’s new yacht, Galapagos Explorer, launches on 14 June

Conservation-led luxury travel company AndBeyond has expanded its South America portfolio with the launch of an expedition yacht in the Galapagos Islands. 


The AndBeyond Galapagos Explorer is a 38-metre yacht that will offer two seven-night routes, exploring the eastern and western regions of the iconic islands.


With just six suites and cabins, the yacht accommodates a maximum of 12 guests, accompanied by two expert guides on each departure.


“The Galapagos, with its unique biodiversity and high number of endemic species, is a natural choice for expanding our South American offerings. We’re thrilled to bring our brand of responsible tourism to this precious region, which the Ecuadorian government has protected from over-tourism by limiting operating licences,” said Joss Kent, executive chairman and chief executive of AndBeyond. 


We believe that the best way to inspire our guests to protect wild places is through our skilled guides, who help travellers not only fall in love with these destinations but also understand the threats they face. Our luxury yacht, hosting just 12 guests with two knowledgeable guides, aims to showcase the wonder and mystery of this exceptional destination.”


With a maximum of 12 guests, the elevated guest-to-staff ratio makes the Galapagos Explorer the most exclusive yacht in the islands, AndBeyond claims. It features beautifully appointed indoor and outdoor areas, four cabins, and two luxury suites. Following an extensive refurbishment, Galapagos Explorer will embark on its first voyage on 17 June.

Operating on two different seven-night itineraries, the AndBeyond Galapagos Explorer offers the choice of discovering either the east or west of the main cluster of islands, each featuring the destination’s key highlights. 


The eastern itinerary includes the formation of Kicker Rock near San Cristobal Island and sightings of the critically endangered waved albatross in Gardner Bay on Espanola Island.


The western itinerary features the geographical centre of the Galapagos, Sombrero Chino Island, and encounters with the rare Santa Fe land iguana on Santa Fe Island. 


Both itineraries offer ample opportunities for land and sea adventures such as snorkelling, hiking and birdwatching, showcasing unique and fascinating land, air, and marine species.


Rates for both itineraries start from $10,950 per person sharing for a seven-night cruise.

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