Unchained TV Premieres New Show ‘Kale Krew’ that Takes Viewers on a Culinary Tour of Chicagoland’s Vegan Scenes


Chicago IL, May 3, 2024 – Debuting today, UnchainedTV is thrilled to announce its new show, Kale Krew, hosted by Nemanja Golubovic, CEO and Founder of Kale My Name, and Tamika Price, Founder of Plant Based Tamika. The series takes viewers on an entertaining journey through Chicago’s vibrant vegan food scene, highlighting the city’s most innovative and popular plant-based restaurants. Featured restaurants will include Nemanja’s own Kale My Name, the renowned comfort food chain Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat, a staple for elevated seasonal cuisine Spirit Elephant, delectable Asian cuisine at Alice and Friends Vegan Kitchen, and many more! The series kicks off with a tour of Chicago’s famed 100% plant-based market—XMarket—which in addition to a countless variety of plant-based supermarket goodies, hosts six eateries- Kale My Name, 2D Restaurant, El Hongo Magico, Chicago Not Dog, Veganiano, and Bloom Sushi Counter as well as a full-service bar.

President of UnchainedTV, Jane Velez-Mitchell shares her excitement for this new show, stating, “UnchainedTV is thrilled to be launching this high-energy, plant-based TV series starring two of America’s most entertaining vegan influencers! Nemanja and Tamika are living proof that plant-based is the most fun and fabulous lifestyle on the planet, with delicious, guilt-free, sustainable dishes galore. You will laugh as you learn to love it.”

Kale Krew aims to bring viewers on a culinary journey through Chicago’s plant-based landscape, celebrating the city’s diversity in vegan cuisine. The dynamic duo, Nemanja and Tamika, will take audiences behind the scenes of renowned vegan restaurants, offering a tantalizing taste of the unique flavors, culinary traditions, and inspiring stories from chefs and restaurateurs who are revolutionizing plant-based dining with their unique spin.

“Kale Krew is a natural extension of my work, highlighting the delicious, exciting, and diverse world of veganism. When Unchained TV approached me with this amazing opportunity, I instantly agreed, but I knew I wanted a co-host. Doing a Chicago-based vegan food TV show without my dear friend Tamika just didn’t make sense, so I’m grateful she accepted. Our energies complement each other perfectly, and I can’t wait for everyone else to watch it!” enthuses Nemanja Golubovic.

“This new show is a manifestation of what Nemanja and I always talked about! We knew we wanted to show the vegan lifestyle and cuisine with the world. Partnering with UnchainedTV is such an awesome fit!” adds Tamika Price.

The show promises to provide an insider’s look at the heart of Chicago’s vegan community, showcasing the best in plant-based dining while inspiring viewers to explore new culinary experiences and celebrate the versatility and joys of living and thriving as a vegan in the windy city.

To tune into Kale Krew, visit UnchainedTV.com.

About Unchained TV

Often described as the Netflix/CNN of veganism, UnchainedTV is the world’s only plant-based streaming TV network, showcasing more than 1,600 life-changing documentaries, cooking, talk, travel, lifestyle, biographical and news shows. UnchainedTV is free to download on any cell phone, any Samsung Smart TV and on any TV via Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV or Roku devices. It’s also available to watch online at: The network is a nonprofit and offers 100% free content to a global audience hungry for solutions to their health issues, climate change, habitat and wildlife destruction and animal cruelty. UnchainedTV was founded by New York Times bestselling author and former CNN Headline News host Jane Velez-Mitchell, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and TV producer.

About Nemanja Golubovic

Nemanja Golubovic (Neman) is the founder of Chicago’s Kale My Name, a vegan eatery that highlights his passion for plant-based cuisine and hospitality. Originating from Montenegro, Neman’s culinary journey spans various roles in the industry and includes a degree in public relations and fluency in four languages. His diverse experiences have shaped the eclectic menu at Kale My Name, reflecting a commitment to health, compassion, and sustainability. Beyond the kitchen, Neman serves as a judge and mentor on “The Blox” show, airing on Amazon Prime and other platforms, and hosts his own podcast, “Extraordinary with Neman.” He also co-hosts “The Joanne and Neman Show” on YouTube and appears on numerous podcasts including “Are You Ready with Joanne Molinaro,” “Get Loved Up” by Koya Webb, “Jamie’s Corner,” and more. His endeavors aim to inspire a global movement towards compassionate, plant-based living.

About Tamika Price

After coming across a blog post discussing how a plant-based diet could alleviate asthma symptoms and watching the documentary “What The Health,” Tamika Price made the switch to a plant-based lifestyle. She noticed significant improvements to her health and quality of life and was inspired to showcase the abundance and joys of plant-based living to her community, quickly garnering a following of over 100K followers! Now, she shares her vegan recipes and culinary adventures in Chicago and beyond on her blog and social media channels–Plant Based Tamika–fostering a newfound passion. She also owns Standout Style Boutique, an award-winning, vegan-friendly online shop, and has spent 15 years working independently in the fashion industry. Her work in both fashion and food has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show, WGN, NBC, ABC, and nationally aired American Express commercials, among other outlets.


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